Monday, 17 October 2016

28mm Macedonian interlude...

There's been a short break from Napoleonics while I painted up this Macedonian army for a local competition. I've played ancients for many years in 15mm but wanted to have a 28mm army as they look great and seem to be increasingly favoured in New Zealand. I've actually painted and sold two 15mm Macedonian armies over the last decade - and thought they deserved a 28mm outing third time around!

To keep things tidy I'm saving this blog just for Napoleonics, but click here to see more photos and thoughts about this Macedonian army on my 'Hordes of Things' non-Napoleonic blog!

Also interesting how easily a little army like this comes together compared once you've painted many many dozens of Napoleonic units - it's almost like a holiday! ;)

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Austrian Uhlans - Perry 28mm

Austrian 1st Uhlans. These models are another relatively new release from Perry Miniatures.

I love the Austrian 1st Uhlan uniform. The yellow Czapka is really distinctive and definitely one of my favourite uniforms.

Flag pennants from Aldopho Ramos, though I had to lighten up the yellow with highlights as it was quite dark.

The cords also had a very fine black hatching in real life, but given scale of figures and typical viewing difference (and consideration of my sanity!), I decided that trying to represent this detail effectively would be more time and trouble than it was worth.

Perry also released an Austrian Uhlan variant with falling plume that I didn't know existed. Great to see these ranges being filled out with these variations.

That's the last of the Austrian reinforcements for the moment but longer term more are planned. On to some Young Guard and some more French Allies next.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Austrian Jagers - Perry 28mm

More Austrians, some Jagers at last. A relatively recent release from Perry that I had been waiting for since starting the Austrians. Based up as skirmishers with three to a base, and will probably be used as two units most of the time.

These are great sculpts with plenty of action and variety. Six different rank and file, and six different command. Quite a dark uniform with the black webbing, but on the plus side that means it is quick to paint - not that this matters much when you need so few of them...

There seems to be some debate as to the shade of grey of the uniform, with a 'Pike Grey' mentioned. In plates and photos you see everything from quite a dark grey to a very light blue grey. I used a medium-light blue-grey. I thought afterwards I could have used something a bit more blue and a bit lighter. But my wife asked why they were blue when she saw them (having seen lots of white coats flowing off the desk with the Austrians), without me having said anything about them, which made up my mind that the grey was blue enough. :)

Edit: Thanks to someone on TMP who pointed out that the Officer sashes should be yellow rather than white, they have been corrected!